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Who are we

The director of this event Sébastien Béguerie is recognized worldwide as
a scientific expert of Cannabis and as a pioneer in France on the market of
CBD with the first French brand of CBD AlphaCAT founded in 2012.
Sébastien was born in Marseille and lived there until the age of 20 when he went to the Netherlands
to do his Master degree in Plant Science in Wageningen sponsored by Bedrocan.
He is the founder of the first association for medical cannabis in France UFCM I
care, member of the Administrative Committee of the International Association for
Cannabiniodes in Medicine (IACM). Sebastien is a master lecturer who speaks to
more than twenty conferenceswordwide and organizes every year in France the

UFCM i care colloquium already for 7 years.
Sebastien is guaranteed to have an unprecedented event in France

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